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How to pay bills in QuickBooks online

If you want to know that how the bills are paid in QuickBooks, then you can follow the steps written below. These steps are for paying bills in quick books. Step1. Go to Pay Bills Menu. In the home screen, click on the + menu and under the vendors column, choose the pay bills tab. Step2. Choose payment account. There is a payment account dropdown on the upper left. Click on this dropdown menu and choose the most suitable option from the given options. If you want to pay bills by using credit card, then you need to choose the suitable credit card account. And if you want to pay these bills using check or an online transfer, then you need to select Checking. Step3. Select date for showing bills on or prior to that. QuickBooks automatically matches the downloaded payments to the seller’s open bills and document the bill payments. If you didn’t connect the checking account, then you will be required to inform QuickBooks about which of the bills you want to see. In order to perform this, try selecting the button near the option ‘show bills on or before’, then click on the small calendar icon that is placed on the right of the text box. Select the date on calendar which you want to show bills on or before. Step4. Select all the bills that you are required to pay How to pay vendors in quickbooks online

Check the boxes of the bills that you want to pay. If you want to make a deducted payment, you can easily fill the amount in the text box that is present on the right of the row. Step5. Enter the date on which you want to pay the bills. Now, you can select the data at which you want to pay the bill. In order to do this, go to payment date section and click on the small calendar icon, and select a date from the dropdown calendar. Step6. Fill the payment method. Go to the bottom right and there is a payment method section. At this point, you need to inform the QuickBooks that whether you want a hand written check or you want a printed check. If you wrote the check by your hand, then you need to click on radio button that is next to the Hand- written check and put your check number in the text box that is labeled with ‘starting check no’. If you prefer online payment, then you need to type EFT that means electronic fund transfer. And if you used a debit card, then write Debit. Step7. Look at the dates again and then pay. Look at the dates and payment method and other necessary details that you have entered. Now, click on Pay Bills. If you want a print copy for documentation purpose, you can click on Pay and print. If you find any technical difficulty in paying bills in QuickBooks and other related technical problem, you can contact on support for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a well known accounting software which is being used by small and medium sized businesses. QuickBooks include many interesting and attractive features such as billing, bookkeeping, invoicing and online banking. To pay bills, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your QuickBooks online account.
  • From the homepage, go and click on the cross (×) sign
  • And select the paybills right below the vendors column.
  • Here, you can pay the bills

If you are still not able to pay the bills, you can directly connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support phone number to get the technical advice from the QuickBooks expert.

How do I apply a payment to a bill in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is used in small as well as medium sized businesses. In QuickBooks, you can generate reports, track expenses, create invoice, statements and organize the data in one place. To apply a payment, You first login to your QuickBooks online account and then go to vendor column and select pay bills. A new window will appear. You can fill payment account, payment date and starting check number. You can select the bills which you want to pay and then just pay. When you pay the bill, QuickBooks will automatically show the paid status of that bill.

How do I process a credit card payment in QuickBooks?

From the QuickBooks home page, click on the receive payments icon. It will take you to the customer payment page. Simply put the customer name in the received from field. You will see all the invoices of that customer. You can select one of the invoices or you can payment amount. Then click on Credit Debit icon and fill the credit card information. After this, just click on process payment. If you still have any confusion, you can directly connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number. Experts will give you the required technical advice.

How do I receive a payment in QuickBooks?

From the QuickBooks homepage, click on the receiving payments option. This will take you to the customer payment window. Please put the name of the customer in the field ‘received from’. You can fill the amount in the amount field provided there. Fill the check date and select the ‘check’ option in dropdown menu in the ‘payment field’. If you are still not able to receive a payment, you can connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number. Experts will provide you the proper technical advice to resolve your technical issue. Experts are highly qualified and experienced to solve your technical problem.

QuickBooks bill online check printing problem

QuickBooks is an accounting software. It is well known for its attractive features. QuickBooks is an user friendly software but still users face some technical problems while using this software. One of the problems is check printing problem. There may be different reasons behind it such as printer is turned off, printer paper tray is empty, printer is offline etc. other reason may be default printer was changed or the user is not logged in as system administrator. Sometimes check printing problem occurs due to improper re installation of QuickBooks. If you are still having any confusion, then you can quickly connect to QuickBooks enterprise support number to get instant assistance from the experts.